It seems like Taco Bell has finally heeded its own slogan. Realizing that Cheesy Gordita Crunches, sour cream-filled chalupas, and cheesy bean and rice burritos simply aren’t enough to keep up with a fast-food behemoth like McDonald’s, TB is taking notes from its competition and looking to modernize. In order to keep its estimated 48 million monthly consumers coming back for more hot sauce packets, the chain plans to install Wi-Fi into all of its locations, a process that aims to be completed by 2015 in order to accommodate all 5,600 locations.

Also, TB will partner with indoorDIRECT’s Restaurant Entertainment Network for in-store television programming with social media tie-ins such as downloading music seen on the screens. Content will probably have to be suitable for all ages, so expect insufferable programming like, say, Bieber music videos, as opposed to something like Adult Swim, which would’ve been a natural fit for their more loyal customers.

[via Engadget]