Haywell Atwell isn't your typical new-generation English actress; she's not waify, nor is she a budding socialite, dating a rock star, or already a fashion designer's muse. Rather, the brunette, who plays Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger (in theaters this Friday), is more of the "indie drama" type. The 29-year-old brunette has starred in mostly historical, period pieces that thirtysomethings would appreciate, or that your grandma and her bingo club might watch over cups of tea.

Yet, ironically, the most ordinary girl entering the scene today has consequently become one of the most appealing, or, rather, refreshing. For every English tabloid cover her contemporaries nab, Atwell earns critical acclaim through her films. Though, beneath the skirt-suit, she's actually not as perfectly typical as we'd think. No, there were no trips for ice cream with mum and dad; instead, she had vision quests with her American father.

To find out just what we mean, and get to know the London-born beauty before Captain America raises her Hollywood stock, check out the following ten pieces of Hayley Atwell trivia.