We did something crazy last week: For the first time in memory, iTunes is not the default program for playing mp3 files on our computer. We've always been fond of Apple's music player, who's clean and straightforward design long ago brought music organization and downloads to the realm of the idiot proof. But technology often relies on competition to drive innovation and, for a long time, iTunes was more or less alone at the top. The program hasn't done much for us lately.

Enter Spotify.

Spotify, the European sensation that had been rumored to be coming to the US for the past two years or so, finally arrived on our shores with the blessing of major labels this month. Lots of people, including us, can't stop talking about it.

The program was launched in Sweden in 2008 and combines the best features of traditional music players like iTunes and next generation streaming services like Rdio and Rhapsody. Spotify is a new breed of player that yet again changes the conversation about how music is to be enjoyed in the 21st century. And, for now at least, it's free.

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