With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 making a cool mint worldwide, Warner Brothers is hoping to lock up director David Yates to launch their next multi-million dollar franchise. The Vulture is reporting that the studio is eyeing Yates to take on a multi-film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Stand, or a movie based on the popular DC/Vertigo comic book, Fables.

Now that the Harry Potter franchise is at the end of its run, and with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy wrapping up next year, Warner Brothers is desperately looking for a blockbuster movie series to carry them for the next decade. And with Yates gaining more of the studio’s trust with every dollar that Potter brings in, it only makes sense for Warner Brothers to hitch its wagon to his star. He's a proven commodity that is sure to generate buzz on whatever project he directs next.

The Vulture suggests that Yates is leaning more towards directing The Stand as opposed to Fables, but notes that he is also still attached to the Al Capone biopic, Cicero, at the studio as well. With so many high-profile projects on the table, Yates has quickly become one of the hottest directors in Hollywood. Warner Brothers is just hoping that one of these properties will replace the financial hole that a certain boy wizard will leave in his absence. 

[Via: The Vulture