The Adventures of Tintin, Steven Spielberg's much-hyped first animated feature, became the subject of reports about groundbreaking technology when only precious few frames of the film's visuals could actually be seen anywhere. Now we get our first long look at the pending blockbuster, produced by Peter Jackson and brought to life by his effects company Weta Digital, in the full trailer.

Tintin is a performance capture film, which means though the characters are animated, their movements and dialog were performed by an actor in real time. Other films (and video games) have used the technology in the past, but Spielberg and Jackson hope their movie-- the first in a planned trilogy -- will establish a new high watermark for performance capture, similar to what James Cameron's Avatar did for 3D.

Tintin is based on a series of French adventure comics about the exploits of a boyish but intrepid reporter and his dog in the 19th century. Get a look at the action yourself in the clip above. Expect the film in theaters, in 3D, late this year.