The film adaptation of the wildly successful video game series Uncharted is going to start over from scratch. Fans were adamant in voicing their displeasure of now-ex-director David O. Russell's ideas and overall management of the film. With Neil Burger (Limitless) now firmly in place in the director's chair, the decision has come to re-write the script, and stay true to video game's origins.

Speaking to WeGotThisCovered, Burger spoke about the film's current status: "Until the screenplay is written, you never know who is going to be acting in it or not. There are a lot of good actors out there who even look like Nathan Drake and who could do it." So, does that mean a steadfast "no" to Mark Wahlberg and Nathan Fillion? We're not sure, but the Internets have started a campaign for the latter to star in the movie.

Not a lot is known about Uncharted under Burger's direction, but his modest showing in the Bradley Cooper-starring Limitless gives us hope that he'll create a similar cinematic experience that the PS3 exclusive title will surely offer to gamers this coming November.

[via WGTC]