1. Eric Northman

Eric Northman is the man—there is no denying that. He saunters around town like he's a god, and he practically is. A badass viking turned even badder vampire sheriff? That has chick magnet written all over it. And, as if he needed any extra help, he heads the most popular fangbanger joint in town, so he can literally have his pick of blood types on any night of the week. But he does have an Achilles' heel: a certain faerie named Sookie. While we rarely see Eric shaken, it's Sookie's coquettish antics that have the rare ability to seriously throw him off his game.

One tactic that can never be overvalued is getting a previous conquest to sing your praises, as Pam does, telling Sookie that her maker "pulls good string." Obvious sexual implications aside, this testimonial also implies that Eric can effortlessly manipulate a woman into giving him what he wants. But Sookie already knows about that, since Northman turned her no into a yes in a matter of seconds. Yeah, he's that good.

While Eric's staggering cockiness might get the ladies hot and bothered, it's the same "stop at nothing to get what I want" mentality that occasionally leads him to make some misguided moves, and sends the creep-o-meter off the charts. Randomly sneaking into Sookie's bedroom just as she steps out of the shower? That's not hollerin', Eric, that's harassment. And buying her house just to get into her crib and hopefully her pants? Are you really that desperate, dude? Eric's approach could certainly use some tweaking, especially if he ever plans on making it out of Sookie's dreams and into her pants anytime soon.