3. Alcide Herveaux

Alcide might seem to fill the requisite beefy simpleton role pretty comfortably, but there is more to his hustle than meets the eye. While Eric and Bill duke it out like territorial frat boys over Sookie, Alicide keeps a low profile and plays the supportive savior role. He racks up countless pimp points behind the scenes, taking on vamps, weres, and even his evil ex for her, and does it all shirtless. It's a sneaky move, but you have to respect it.

Alcide never makes any direct plays for Sookie's attention, and instead chooses to play it cool and coy, even when she makes it clear she's down to take it to the next level, like the time she said that being alone is "the last thing" that she wants, and he pulled away and nochalantly replied, "Let me put on a shirt." Who says that when a vulnerable chick is trying to put the moves on them? It kinda makes us think Alcide is saving his chips for a rainy day with Sookie, and the cash-in looks like it will be pretty sweet.

On the other hand...scratch the whole waiting for the big pay out thing. If we had a women like Sookie seductively drawling, "If I knew what was best for me, I would have fallen in love with someone like you," while pushing up against us, you can be damn sure we wouldn't be walking away. You better be making some big moves this season, Alcide, because sleeping on an opportunity like that would be unforgivable fail.