4. Sam Merlotte

For a guy who once desperately sought after Sookie and wasted all his time trying to hide his dirty thoughts from her, Sam has made quite the comeback. Sure, one of his women tried to use him for her plot to end the world, and yeah, one or two others have deceitfully pursued him just to get close enough to rob or murder him, but look, women are all crazy. What do you expect?

Despite a tumultuous start, Sam's pimp game is starting to look pretty sharp in Season 4. As the owner of what seems to be Bon Temps' only bar and grill, Merlotte's, Sam is practically a local celebrity. All the women in town know who he is, and are aware that, at the very least, Sam will be able to provide them with a free dinner or two. If a sugar daddy isn't what they're looking for, Sam has a dirty secret that will definitely get her hot: He's an animal in the sack. Seriously, he's a shifter who can literally hit it doggystyle.

Of course, Sam, who's been increasingly volatile and blunt when he's pissed off, isn't exactly what you'd call a sweet talker, and not every woman can deal with a guy who runs naked in the woods at night. Fortunately for him, his newest hookup, sexy schoolteacher Luna (Janina Gavankar, who appears in our June/July issue), is a fellow shifter down for a scantily clad midnight frolic too, so it's all good.