One look at the new red band trailer for the Nicolas Winding Refn-directed Drive and it’s instantly clear that it belongs in another decade. Complete with practical stunts, a cast of brilliant actors, and original ideas, Drive completely removes modern Hollywood aesthetics of CGI and beautiful, yet wooden actors, and goes back to a simpler storytelling style of real emotion and character. Or so it seems in this preview, though, based upon early buzz, the final product is poised to deliver on those promises.

Drive touts a cast of supremely talented, yet underappreciated, actors that all got this gig strictly due to their acting chops and not the fact that they constantly grace the cover of People. With Ryan Gosling looking to turn in yet another brilliant performance, he's also supported by a formidable supporting team of Albert Brooks, Ron Perlman, Carey Mulligan, and Bryan Cranston. Refn even managed to make the beautiful Christina Hendricks seem more down to Earth and authentic-looking than usual.

And while the actors in Drive sport a more believable look than most contemporary movies, the story and atmosphere delivers on that premise even more. Based around a stunt driver (Gosling) who soon turns into a getaway wheelman for various crimes, Refn's flick looks to echo classics like Bullitt and the The French Connection, as opposed to modern headaches like the Fast & Furious movies. There seems to be a real sense of filmmaking talent and gravitas behind each car chase and gunshot. Refn is a filmmaker with indie sensibilities handling action and crime; a well-worn genre reinvigorated, perhaps?

Drive looks to bring the vintage thrills back to modern audiences when it gets released on September 16th.