Toshiba may have finally made 3D tolerable. In unveiling the Qosmio F750 laptop today, the Japanese company has finally managed to do away with the annoying glasses requirement.

The machine is the first of its kind, even allowing simultaneous, split-screen viewing between 3D and 2D in separate windows. So, for instance, you can now watch a standard DVD from your personal collection in 3D, while browsing the web in 2D. 

Also, it boasts an HD webcam that doubles as a tracking device for the 3D, following your eyes to ensure continuity of your 3D viewing from any angle. Though, for now, the tracking only supports one viewer at a time.

Set to drop in August, the F750 will arrive with a $2,100 pricetag—pretty hefty, but ultimately justifiable all cool things considered.

[via Engadget]