Last week, fans got a taste of what the new and improved rebooted Spider-Man would look like when Sony debuted the first teaser trailer for the movie. Sporting a brand new costume and more realistic tone, The Amazing Spider-Man will attempt to make people forget about how Spider-Man 3 violated their eye sockets. What the initial trailer didn’t show off was the Wall Crawler’s newest foe, the Lizard; lucky fans at Comic-Con got an exclusive peek at the character.

Played by British actor Rhys Ifans, Dr. Curt Connors is initially a mentor to Spider-Man, but he mistakenly transforms himself into a scaly monster after attempting to genetically re-grow his missing arm. In the brief clip that was shown, the completely CGI Lizard bombards two young girls as they check their makeup in the high school bathroom. Our Chris Hansen sense is tingling. 

The footage may not be available online yet, but what was described seems ideal for old school Spidey fans. According to Super Hero Hype, the Lizard looks more akin to the original Steve Ditko design from the comics, complete with a rounded head, but with a more muscular body. 

Even though the whole “scientist mentor turned monster” storyline was expertly done with Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2, the Lizard presents a unique physical and personal threat to Peter Parker that will differentiate the whole conflict from previous ones.