Marvel may dominate the big screen, but DC is simply killing it with its line of animated direct-to-DVD adaptations of their most famous comic storylines. Releases like New Frontier, Wonder Woman, and Batman: Year One easily rival the cinematic quality and pure fun of Marvel theatrical releases like Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger.

After the premiere of Batman: Year One at Comic-Con, producer Bruce Timm revealed that the classic Frank Miller tale is finally going to get the animated treatment in a two-part adaptation. The movie will be released after adaptations of Justice League: Tower of Babel (now titled Justice League: Doom) and Superman: What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, And The American Way? get released in 2012. 

Hardcore fans fear not because, according to IGN, Timm reassured the audience that "It's going to be very, very faithful to the comic.” The original comic focuses on an aging Bruce Wayne as he reluctantly reclaims the mantle of Batman to fight off unforeseen threats both on a local and global level, including the Man of Steel himself.

While no release date or voice cast has been announced yet, the mere fact that the best Batman comic of all time is about to see the animated light of day is enough to make fans drool themselves into dehydration.