Only Steven Spielberg could completely silence a packed house filled with adults masquerading as superheroes. While talking on a panel with Peter Jackson about his upcoming adaptation of Tintin, the director dropped a bombshell that Jurassic Park 4 is indeed in the works.

"We have a writer who is writing the treatment and hopefully we are going to make Jurassic Park 4 in all of our foreseeable futures, hopefully in the next two or three years,” Spielberg told the packed house, according to E! Online. And with that brief statement, Spielberg sent the internet into a frenzy; he can probably already smell the millions of dollars filling his bank accounts. 

While the Jurassic Park franchise may have bottomed out after Joe Johnston’s dreadful third installment, it’s still a viable property in a Hollywood landscape that seems to recycle old ideas on a monthly basis. Hopefully they don't go with the rumored script from a few years ago that featured talking dinosaurs that used jet packs and laser rifles. That movie may simply cause the Earth to cease making sense.