When he debuted in the pages of Action Comics #1 in 1938, Superman simply blew people’s minds. He was a crusader for social justice and a defender of the defenseless, and he was gifted with otherworldly abilites. However, over the years, the character has been transformed from Earth’s savior into an untouchable deity with very few threads left connecting him to humanity. DC plans to change all of that when the company reboots its entire line of comics this September.

Batman may be the current obsession for DC fans, but it’s Superman who looks to get the most unique facelift for a new generation. At Comic-Con, writer Grant Morrison went into some detail on his plans for the Man of Steel and they sound brilliant.

"He's a social reformer, and Clark Kent does as much work as Superman basically uprooting corruption and exposing corruption, so the two of them are working in tandem," said Morrison at his Comic-Con panel Comic Book Resources reports. "Justice may not involve the law in Superman's eyes."

Superman has been struggling for years to become relevant again for newer comic book fans, but this new, more socially conscious approach to the character may be the shot in the arm that the character needs.