Let’s face it, 2007’s Ghost Rider was the cinematic equivalent of a back alley colonoscopy, but apparently it raked in enough cash to ensure a sequel. Directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance looks to do away with everything that didn’t work in the first movie, and bring some comic book violence and extreme stunts back to the character. Being that the only thing that worked in the original was Eva Mendes’ bust line, this directing duo has their work cut out for them.

According to Collider, fans in attendance at Comic-Con got a sneak peek at the new Rider flick, complete with Nic Cage's bad rug, but towards the end of the footage things took a very bizarre turn. Not only does Ghost Rider kick ass in this new film, but he also vomits and urinates fire as well. 

Could this be the Ghost Rider film that fans of the character have been waiting for? We're not getting our hopes up quite that high, but then again there hasn't been a disappointing movie that featured flaming urine yet.