Fables may not get the same press or mainstream love as some of the other books over at DC, but it’s undeniable that the book has been one of the best on shelves for about a decade. Writer Bill Willingham has created a world where long-running characters from timeless fairytales actually exist in our world and must keep themselves hidden from humanity at all costs. The book regularly mixes humor, action, romance, and any other time honored genre, and has become a shining beacon of creativity in the comic medium.

At Comic-Con, it was announced that Willingham will be launching an ongoing spinoff title of the main book called Fairest. The book will be written by various writers and artists, but will kick off with a story arc written by Willingham with art by Phil Jimenez.

According to Newsarama, Fairest will mostly revolve around the female supporting cast in Fabletown, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel. Now if only DC would simply release 52 Fables titles, as opposed to strangling the superhero marketplace into submission with their other monthly titles...

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