Cutting his teeth on Captain America in the pages of 2006’s Civil War, Steve McNiven brought a boiling rage back to the character that had been missing since the ‘80s. McNiven’s art combined the realism and kinetic energy of Bryan Hitch and the storytelling ability of John Buscema, into a style that perfectly fits almost any story.

His work on Civil War was particularly noteworthy because of the high emotions that he crafted within the book. Mark Millar’s script handled the characters well, but it was McNiven’s art that put the story over the top with every tortured thought going through Captain America’s mind at the time evident on his face. Every ounce of pain and doubt was painstakingly detailed by McNiven as Cap battled his onetime ally, Tony Stark, in front of a shocked nation. It was a high point in the creative evolution for the character without a doubt.  

McNiven is currently contributing to Captain America in a big way as the illustrator behind Marvel’s most recent relaunch of the ongoing Captain America title. In his debut issue, McNiven somehow topped everything he did in Civil War with ease. No small feat.