When Ed Brubaker began his legendary run on Captain America in 2005, Steve Epting was brought along as the artist to introduce Cap to a new generation of fans. Having worked with Brubaker before on DC’s criminally underrated Gotham Central, Epting was already accustomed to the types of scripts he would be working with and was instantly in his comfort zone on the book.

What followed was a stylistic change from Captain America’s typically brightly colored adventures, as Epting introduced a grittier and more real world approach to the character. He brought a cinematic style to Cap’s world that fell in line with recent Hollywood spy thrillers like The Bourne Identity and Casino Royale, while also keeping Cap’s fantasy elements intact.

It was never quite flashy, but Epting brought a level of understated beauty to the book that perfectly fit Brubaker’s rather bleak scripts.