Could the number one spot go to anyone else besides “The King"? Not only did Jack Kirby create Captain America back in 1941 along with Joe Simon, but he was also the man who revived the character in 1964 with Stan Lee. Throughout the early years of Cap’s history, Kirby was the artist that gave the character life, personality, and his trademark penchant for action. His rendition of Cap was immeasurably powerful and the way he used his signature Vibranium shield was nothing short of dynamic.

Throughout out his early days as a propaganda figure, to his prime as a superhero along with the Avengers, Captain America always benefitted greatly under the pencils of Kirby. What he could do better than any artist at the time, or even presently, was to feature vibrant action, unparalleled imagination, and brilliant storytelling all within the same panel. While many artists are skilled at one or the other, Kirby combined all three traits expertly.

He could easily do anything that he wanted to with a set of pencils, and in the process went on to completely own the character of Captain America in a way that is still unrivaled amongst current comic artists.