The first-person shooter market has, in recent years, become one of the most saturated in the gaming community. Yet, The Darkness 2 is one of those refreshing games that has piqued the interest of many gamers, with its inclusion of a feature dubbed "quad-wielding." Sadly, enough, we won't be able to take another ride with mafia hitman Jackie Estacado until February 7, 2012.

2K Games made the official announcement, but for those lucky enough to be attending the San Diego Comic-Con, you'll be able to check out a special panel called The Darkness: From Comic Book to Video Games and Entertainment. Featuring co-creator Marc Silvestri, voice artist Mike Patton, and some developers from Digital Extremes, the event takes place Thursday, July 21, from 12-noon to 1:00pm in Room 9 of the San Diego Convention Center.

No word on whether or not Jackie-boy will actually show up and eviscerate the audience, but we're going to recommend protecting your neck just in case.

[via Buypoe]