Drive: RSR Nürburg

Address: Antoniusweg 1a, Nürburg

If you're travelling to the 'Ring we're assuming you don't have a race-prepped car waiting for you at the airport. No worries, you can rent one. RSR Nürburg lets you choose between hot hatches and super cars, depending on your skill level and price range. For as little as $400 you can rent a Renault Clip Cup for two hours to drive on the track. If you think you want something a little more potent and have the dough to get it, you can opt for a Porsche GT3 Cup, GT3 RS 997, the amazing GT3 997 3.8, a Lotus Exige 240S , or a BMW M3. RSR also offers one-day on-track instruction for those looking to improve their wheel game.