Learned from: Magnolia (1999)
Complex says: If your favorite movie is The Notebook, you might want to skip the whole "friends with benefits" experience. You've got to be the guy who's able to hook up without emotion in a completely sober state. That's right, men with endless drunken hookups don't necessarily count because they're usually too hungover to process the night, and, therefore, are left with a faint, unattachable memory of their latest conquest.

In the words of Frank T.J. Mackey (Tom Cruise in Magnolia)... Well, just watch the clip. He may look like one of the biggest tools ever captured on film, but he knows about the distance and self-control these types of relationships needs. You have to be the guy who says, "Yes. No. Now. Here." If not for the unnecessary thrusting, this clip could have been your guide to a successful FWB relationship alone.