Song: "240 Bars (Spider Joke)" (2006)

There could have been no better film clip to jack for The Game's "240 Bars (Spider Joke)" since the Compton rapper spends the majority of the hella long song accusing his rival Spider Loc of perpetrating a fraud: "Nigga sound like Chunk off the Goonies/Your life is a movie/You ain't a factor, you a actor/50 gave you a script/Went from runnin' with the Bloods to a G-Unit Crip."

As it so happens, in the Los Angeles gang drama Colors (1988) the character of High Top is arrested in an alley and while cuffed and being searched by officers Danny McGavin (Sean Penn) and Bob Hodges (Robert Duvall) it's discovered that the gangbanger is actually a "transformer," someone who switches allegiance from one set to another. "Look at the red, this kid's a Blood," says Hodges. The other gang members can't believe their ears, prompting one stunned Crip to blurt out, "Cancel Christmas." That Xmas line is still one of the funniest you'll ever hear in all the 'hood movie classics.

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