Song: "Just Another Killer" (1991)

Wu-Tang also sampled Short Eyes (1977) for "Let My Niggas Live," but nine years prior Schoolly D selected for "Just Another Killer" a different chunk of correctional facility proverbs as written by troubled Puerto Rican playwright Miguel Piñero. The language is without a doubt ugly, but then again, what do you expect from a shocking portrayal of life behind bars. What makes this particular dialogue so refreshing is that it confronts head on the blatant racial politics in prison where inmates are forced to stick to their own kind, whether they want to or not.

"If a spic pulls a razor blade on you and you got no mop wringer in your," advises the seasoned Longshoe (Joseph Carberry). He is speaking to newcomer Clark, the man who may or may not be guilty of being labeled "short eyes" (the term is slang in the bing for child molester, FYI). "If you have any static with a nigga and there ain't no whites around and you can get a spic to watch your back, you may stand a chance, but that ain't no guarantee," continues Longshoe. "If you have any static with a spic, don't get no nigga to watch your back 'cause you ain't gonna have none." Those chilling words are followed up with an emphatic "You can say that again" coming from a nearby prisoner. Brutal honesty coming from a brutal place.