Song: "Don Shit" (2010)

Basically a fly-as-hell free association of what it means to be a boss, "Don Shit" by Roc Marciano is only built for cocaine distributors, the kind which you find in Blow (2001). "Gats in the guitar case/Scarface/This be that Don Shit/Ex-Con Shit/Gats under the armpit/Cigars lit/Mob flicks/And hardships/Nigga, this be that Don Shit," goes the hook, propelled by what sounds like a demented kazoo.

It's at the song's conclusion that Blow's completely coked-out dealer Diego Delgado (Jordi Mollá) can be heard telling former partner George Jung (Johnny Depp) to hit the road. "This is my operation, my dream," he tells George after running a power move on him and deading his Cali connect behind his back. "So go home. Go back home. Go home. Go back to your stupid little life. Go back and sell half grams to your fuckin' relatives for all I care because you're out." George, understandably, isn't happy about the situation and pulls a gun to Diego's head. Zonked out of his mind, Delgado is unfazed. It's just as well—the gun ain't loaded. But "Don Shit" is. Roc Marci seems to be telling us that the criminal lifestyle is not for everyone.