Song: "Criminology" (1995)

It just feels right that Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and Scarface (1983) exist on the same artistic level. Raekwon the Chef, Ghostface Killah (a.k.a. Pretty Toney), and Tony Montana could be peoples, you know? Although widely sampled by countless other rap artists, the ferocious outbursts of Al Pacino's Cuban Yayo King still pack significant punch on "Criminology." Yeah, his angry rants almost get lost competing with the ringing track and Rae's ad libs about clockin' Julio Inglesias money. But you can't stop that Pacino flow.

"I told you a long time ago you fucking little monkey not to fuck me!" yells drug baron Alejandro Sosa (Paul Shenar) during a heated phone call with Tony over his failure to assassinate a meddling Bolivian political activist. "Hey hey, who the FUCK you think you talkin' to, huh?!" Tony screams back even after Sosa has hung up. "Who the fuck you think I am, your fuckin' bell boy? You wanna go to war?!" No question, the pure uncut quote machines that are Tony Montana and Rae and Ghost go together like cocaine and glasstop tables.