Song: "Open Your Mouth (Hypothalamus)" (1997)

"Open your mouth, I'm gonna put something nice into it." It sounds like something out of a porno, and, well, it is—sorta. That hilarious-sounding line, spoken by the perverted killer dwarf Ralphus (Luis De Jesus), is taken from the sick, depraved, and morally reprehensible (not to mention a whole lot of un-PC fun) Blood Sucking Freaks (1976), a sleazy-beyond-belief horror flick featuring a cast consisting mostly of porn stars, including De Jesus, star of The Anal Dwarf. (Legend has it that the pint-sized actor, who also played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi, and some of the ladies engaged in a full-blown orgy during the movie's wrap party). By the way, there's nothing sexy about the "open your mouth" scene, unless decapitations turn you on.