Song: "Nightshift" (1992)

Positive K's "Nightshift" starts with a 1970s version of Bill Duke telling Richard Pryor's Daddy Rich character from Car Wash (1976), "You're talking just like a pimp," before segueing into the eye-opening preaching by The Blind Man (Paul Harris) from The Mack (1973). "You see, pimpin' is big business and it's been going on since the beginning of time and it's gonna continue straight ahead until somebody out there turns out the light on this small planet," says the gentleman of leisure.

Produced by Big Daddy Kane, who grew up on blaxploitation flicks and idolized thespians like Max Julien, who portrays Goldie in The Mack, the lively "Nightshift" easily proves that pimpin' ain't easy, but it sure is fun, especially when it's sampling vintage cinematic real talk.