Song: "Shadows of Tomorrow" (2004)

The moon and stars most definitely aligned when Madvillain (Madlib and MF Doom) entered via the cosmic head trip of a movie Space is the Place (1974) the absolutely strange galaxy of Sun Ra, the way-out experimental jazz bandleader from another planet. In the film, time traveler Sun Ra has left our big blue marble for a different dimension that resembles a funkdafied Garden of Eden.

"The music is different here," he says of his new home, his words popping up throughout Madvillain's "Shadows of Tomorrow." "The vibrations are different not like planet Earth. Planet Earth sounds of guns, anger, and frustration. There was no one to talk to on planet Earth that would understand. So we set up a colony here." All the while Madlib and his alter ego Lord Quas tear shit up as the Arkestra leader keeps speaking about the need to go to "another place in the universe up under different stars." Madvillian and Sun Ra is a match made beyond heaven.