Song: "Fast Life" (1995)

Most of the rap songs that have Tony Montana's voice on them steer towards the Cuban's rowdy side. His hard to resist death threats are the fodder that most gangsta records thrive on. But there were times when Montana showed a bit of intelligence since he didn't become a multimillionaire on brawn alone.

For "Fast Life," the plot to move on to bigger and better things is the dialogue that's picked to appear during the early part of the joyful-sounding tune. "The time has come. We gotta expand," says Tony in an almost indistinguishable tone. "The whole operation. Distribution. New York, Chicago, L.A. We gotta set our own mark and enforce it." The single's music video featured a brief sequence in which Kool G Rap soaks in a luxurious bubble bath, a nod to the popular "pelican fly" scene in Scarface (1983).

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