Song: "Turn Off the Radio" (1990)

Back when Ice Cube was still that guy you love to hate, and not the harassed dad in mainstream crap like Are We There Yet?, he would do things like send important messages to the "Oreo Cookies" about what White America thought of them. One of those messages, found on "Turn Off the Radio," was more like an excessively long list of Black slurs from Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing (1989) as spat out by sweaty pizza place heir John Turturro: "You gold teeth, gold chain wearing, fried chicken and biscuit eating, monkey, ape, baboon, big thigh, fast running, high jumping, spear-chucking, three-hundred-and-sixty-degree basketball dunking, titsun, spade, moulignon. Go the fuck back to Africa. Go the fuck back to Africa. Go the fuck back to Africa..." Whoa! The racist tirade is looped at the end and keeps going and going, just like real-life bigotry.