Song: "First Day of School" (1992)

"First Day of School" opens with ringing bells and crowded chattering, what sounds like could be any campus in the country in between classes. But things are not what they seem as a loud authoritative voice bellows, "Ain't nobody talking when I'm talking, fellas, so shut the fuck up!" No, this ain't the world's meanest principal speaking. It's actually a no-nonsense prison guard from the Mexican Mafia drama American Me (1992), directed by Edward James Olmos.

What follows is a demeaning strip search procedure for the newbies and returning convicts that includes orders such as "Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue," and eventually leads to horrifying demands like "Bend over, grab your ass, spread your cheeks, and give me two good coughs." Cube is on point, though, as many cons get indoctrinated into the penal system and can never escape. They learn only to survive behind the four walls and can't handle living in society. The "shut the fuck up" line would later be resurrected on "Really Doe" off Lethal Injection.