Song: "Wildflower" (1996)

One of the more stranger low-budget films of the blaxploitation era, JD's Revenge (1976), which buoys between drama and supernatural thriller, centers around Black law student Isaac (Glynn Turman) who gets possessed by the malevolent spirt of a dead gangsta from decades past named JD. In the scene sampled in "Wildflower," the usually mild mannered Ike lays down some serious pimpology after bedding a married woman he picked up in a bar.

"That was the best fucking I ever had," says the satisfied conquest (played by actress Barbara Tasker). "That's 'cause you been dealing with the Ace," replies the arrogant Ike/JD while getting dressed. "You got to leave?" she asks him. "Where you goin', sugar?" "I got business to take care of," he replies sternly.

At this point, things get comical as you can hear Ghostface, who is watching the film, utter, "Oh shit," upon the woman's husband unexpectedly entering the house. The woman has the same reaction: "Oh shit. That's my old man. Shit!" Ike calmly tells her, "You better go talk to him." That cold as ice demeanor then carries over to GFK's savage lyrical attack on his cheating ex GF for the duration of "Wildflower".