Song: "Trigga Happy Nigga" (1990)

Considering Brad Jordan changed his performing name from DJ Akshen to Mr. Scarface, it's to be expected that the almighty Geto Boys have sampled the Brian DePalma directed/Oliver Stone written 1983 film a few times. Well, actually, make that a shitload of times.

So why pick "Trigga Happy Nigga" over the rest? For the fact that it cuts to the chase and gives us a barrage of unfiltered and highly entertaining Tony snippets. It's like a "Best Of," intermittently punching in the most basic gratutitous verbal violence (amidst gun blasts, naturally): "Don't fuck with me!" "You stupid fuck!" "You die, motherfucka!" "Say hello to my lil' friend!" "I take you all to fuckin' hell!" Combined with the Geto Boys always excellent raps and you have hardcore rap on another level.

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