Song: "Ain't No Mystery" (1993)

What can be really fun about movie dialogue samples is when the original meaning of what was said in the film is changed to suit a song's purpose. (It's called "creativity," people.) For their militant second album, Brand Nubian turned up their religious views a notch with the provocative "Ain't No Mystery." In order to craft the cut in line with their 5% beliefs that the Black man is God, the Nubians searched no further than the comedy Car Wash (1976).

The cleverly chopped up chorus comes from the scene when televangelist Daddy Rich (Richard Pryor) arrives and Garret Morris' character wants to know whose slick Caddy just pulled up. An employee with a righteous blown-out 'fro (Franklyn Ajaye) answers, "That belongs to the supreme black man, that's who." When Daddy Rich steps out of his car a few seconds later, you can hear someone say from the crowd, "That's the man." These snippets were all that the Brand Nubians needed for their eyebrow-raising criticism of White Jesus.