Song: Capital Punishment "Intro" (1998)

The Pun in Big Pun is short for Punisher, like the brolic, skull-loving war vet turned vengeful killer from the Marvel comic books. Not exactly a superhero, The Punisher packs a mac in the back of the Ac (and everywhere else) while showing no mercy to his foes. This one-man wrecking machine is the object of affection for 12-year-old Chuckie (Luis Lantigua), the hyper Latino buddy ("I bust the stupid dope moves") of the main character in the certified 'hood drama Fresh (1994).

"Bam! Spiderman goes down. Bam! Daredevil goes down. All them niggas is goin' down. Punisher be takin' they ass out," declares Chuckie one day while walking with his crew. A friend tries to protest: "X-Men take out the Punisher." But Chuckie ain't hearing that, responding, "X-Men baby stuff, homes. All their costumes and powers ain't shit. Punisher the real dope, homie." It ain't hard to tell why Pun would choose this lively 30 second convo for the introduction to his debut album. It not only describes his powerful rhyming abilities, it's 100% Nueva York attitude, baby.

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