Song: "Black Superman" (1994)

There are no rules when it comes to sampling movie dialogue, as "Black Superman" proves by taking a portion from an obscure movie about a prison riot for a song about street regulating and pushing weight to feed the family. (Come to think of it, what Superman, black or otherwise, has to do with gangbanging and drug dealing is not quite clear, either.) What matters is that Against the Wall (1994), which chronicles the 1971 Attica uprising in upstate New York is packed with quotables scene after scene.

"You heard about what's goin on in there?" asks Warden Frank Yates (Bruce Evers) while sitting at a bar that has a news report about the hostage situation at the penitentiary flickering on the TV in the background. "Heard a lotta bullshit talked, I know that much," responds a State Trooper (Peter Murnik). "This isn't bullshit my friend," Frank assures him, then adds, "What I say is that they ain't got no business negotiating. We ought to be goin' back in there with a bullet for everybody in the yard." The bartender Hal (Harry Dean Stanton) interjects, reminding Frank, "We gotta a lot of angry guys in there: Black muslims, Panthers, Young Lords besides your average anti-social," which only spurs Frank to say, "So we gotta go in, right? Clean their clocks!" In other words, Frank wants to Black Superman those ho's.