The United States's hopes for reliving the glory of 1999 were dashed yesterday in a match the ultimately saw Japan as FIFA Women's World Cup Champions for the first time in history. The U.S.'s Hope Solo, Abby Wambach and the rest of their squad fell to the underdogs in a series of penalty kicks, losing three to one. Undoubtedly, Japan's win has uplifted the nation which has had one of its most difficult years following the devastation caused by the unforgettable massive earthquake that struck the country last March.

But a nation's pride doesn't necessarily need to come soley from its success on the soccer field; it can be motivated by its roster of players as well. No, we're not talking about individual talent. We're talking about aesthetic appeal, i.e. their team's hottest players. Just try to deny the fact that seeing an attractive face representing your country can be as uplifting as win. OK, we may be trying to console ourselves a little bit for Sunday's loss, but just check out the 25 hottest female soccer players and we guarantee you that the crushed feeling in the pit of your stomach from your team losing will disappear, at least temporarily.