Leopold's Ice Cream

CITY: Savannah, Ga.
ADDRESS: 212 East Broughton St.
WEBSITE: leopoldsicecream.com

Not much for us to add here, really. Just a few months ago, the Toronto Sun called this shop one of the best in the world. The world.

For nearly 100 years, Leopold's has been satisfying taste buds and producing major Hollywood films. Yes, you're reading that correctly. Owner Stratton Leopold also produces big budget flicks, like Mission: Impossible III. When the ice cream is so good that it makes it hard to think, you wind up writing about strange tidbits like this.

Listen: we don't have the ability to convey how delicious Leopold's Strawberry Cheesecake is. Or any number of the flavors, really. Just get your ass to Savannah.

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