Ici Ice Cream

CITY: Berkeley, Calif.
ADDRESS: 2948 College Ave.
WEBSITE: ici-icecream.com

Given the store's location, it's not surprising that Ici (pronounced ee see) stays locavore and organic. Pastry chef Mary Canales opened Ici in 2006, and ever since the shop has regularly been featured on Best Ice Cream Shop lists. Known for keeping things gourmet, Ici offers unusual flavors like Burn Caramel and Maple Bacon.

They're also widely recognized as having the ice cream cake game locked up, with the key nowhere in sight. Their “bombes,” as they call them, look like pieces of art and contain, typically, three flavors of ice cream on top of chiffon or chocolate cake. They also offer "Baked Alaska," a food item Ghostface Killa mentions that he never had growing up in the song "One" from his Supreme Clientele album. If only Shaolin had come to the land of Lil B. 

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