8. Sharon Osbourne

Show: Rock of Love’s Charm School with Sharon Osbourne (2008)

It isn’t often that the actual host of a show gets into a fight with one of the cast members, but Sharon Osbourne apparently didn’t get that memo. To Sharon’s credit, this Megan chick really should have known better than to insult Ozzy to Sharon’s face. So, once Megan does that, like the fierce bitch Sharon is, she proceeds to show her exactly whose show it really is—with strategy and all! Pretending to have a drink of water before spinning around and tossing it at the opponent before they can even blink? It's genius.

“They can fuck with me, I don’t give a shit…” Sharon declares after Megan is dragged off stage by security, “but not my family.” Trust. The clip makes it look like Sharon practically Carrie’s her (you know, pigs blood, that whole shtick), but it’s really just a glass of water. Hilarious all the same.