12. Omarosa

Show: Celebrity Apprentice (2004)

Omarosa is best known for her time spent on Donald Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice during its glory days, but it’s this 2008 fight with talk show host Wendy Williams that really stands out from all of her boardroom death glares. It starts out innocently enough, with Omarosa appearing on Williams’ show to promote her book about women and success in the workplace. Williams comments that, occasionally, Omarosa can come off as an “angry black woman,” to which Omarosa responds that she’d rather be an “ABW” than a "buffoon.”

It’s then that Omarosa practically takes over the conversation, making a few good points—this is important, you always have to look like the smarter one in a fight—laced with subtle insults directed at Williams before they manage to fall into a pleasant mode of conversation again. That is, until Omarosa asks, with a look of genuine interest, “Did you have a nose job? It looks like you had a nose job!” Just goes to show how hard you can really hit a person without actually, you know, hitting them. Bravo.