1. Florina "Flo" Kaja

Show: The Bad Girl's Club (2009)

We gotta admit, it was a tough choice to pick a number one for this list, but the second we saw Flo literally hop to smack down Amber after being pushed in the pool and hurting her ankle, we were sold. And then when Flo grabbed Amber by the hair and, also literally, tossed her across the patio, we were a little scared. But also riveted, because revenge is apparently a dish best served with her fist.

Most of the cast members in this show ended up fighting each other at some point, yes, but no one showed as much dedication to it as Flo did here did when she figured it would be logical to ignore her broken or sprained ankle and instead risk more injuries by hopping and waddling over to the girl who pushed her in the pool and caused her ankle injury in the first place. It's the stuff Jack Bauer's dreams are made of.

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