Legends Of The Hidden Temple was an Indiana Jones-esque game show, where kids took on challenges like "The Moat" and "The Steps of Knowledge" in order to win "Pendants of Life," which would ultimately allow you to survive in the LOTHT's pièce de résistance, The Temple. Watching contestants take on the temple guards, the intimidating creatures that lurked throughout the temple, was always particularly stressful. "How could you not SEE him?" we would anxiously wonder while wringing our hands.

But the panic really set in at the end of the course, where the kid would be fumbling, mere seconds on the clock, to put together the THREE pieces of the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. "ARE YOU THAT DUMB?!" Yes, we would be manically yelling this at the television. If you could bring LOTHT back, so we can passive-aggressively take out our stress on incompetent contestants, we'd really appreciate it.