Here’s one massage parlor without any happy endings. In January 2010, Alex Campbell, small-time owner of the Day And Night Spa, in Mount Prospect, Illinois, barreled headfirst into a shit-storm of legal turmoil. Campbell, along with a younger female employee, were found guilty of attempted extortion, after former female employees, who were also illegal immigrants, claimed that Campbell forced the girls to shell out upwards of $10,000 for him to take care of their citizenship situation.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Campbell was also attacked for his sexual dysfunctions, basically turning an already awful employer into a tyrannical pervert. Campbell forced the ladies to “brand” themselves with horseshoe tattoos, some of which included the number “917,” for his birthday (September 17). And, inside his bedroom, he demanded sex and videotaped one of the immigrant workers knocking boots with another female against her will. And, no, those tapes haven’t leaked online, sickos.