For such a beautiful woman, Naomi Campbell is one hell of a psycho freak. At this point, accepting a job under the infamous supermodel’s employ is akin to signing up for an S&M session, only her physical abuse doesn’t come with any twisted sexual thrills—the shit just hurts. A lot.

When it comes to her assistants and other assorted subordinates, Campbell oversees with an iron fist, as well as her mobile weaponry. First, in 2000, the English beauty pled guilty to beating her assistant with a cell phone; years later, a housekeeper claimed that Campbell kicked and slapped her silly, before another housekeeper said that the model tossed a Blackberry at her face. And then another assistant accused Campbell of using her Blackberry as a face-masher.

The moral of the story here: Don’t work for Naomi Campbell, and, if you’re foolish enough to do so, pray that she never invests in an iPad, a.k.a. a Blackberry on steroids.