How evil could a couple of chaps who distribute ladies’ blouses be, really? Possibly a bit suspect, yes, but horrific? One would think not, but that’s only if the names Max Blanck and Isaac Harris don’t ring any bells, and if the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory inferno of 1911 is an anonymous historical blip. If so, you’re clearly not up on your New York City back-stories.

Blanck and Harris hired a predominantly female staff of grunt workers, mostly down-and-out immigrants, and paid them merely six bucks a week for grueling manual labor. For that alone, they were pure scum; yet, meager payment is nothing compared to the beatings Blanck and Harris would hire goons to administer upon ladies who squawked about unfair conditions.

And then there was the duo’s lame-brained strategy to combat inter-staff robberies. Their plan: locking the main exit from the outside. And, unfortunately, that literally backfired on Blanck and Harris once a fire broke out inside their factory, trapping their workers, killing 146 employees, and ultimately going down in history as one of NYC’s worst blazes. Blanck and Harris, meanwhile, have earned an inarguable “horrible bosses” legacy. And two spiked seats somewhere in hell.