If the hip-hop gods are listening, and still give a shit about the music, they’ll never let this happen; hell, it could just be a harmless joke on actor Tom Felton’s part, a sort of “You media jackasses will believe anything us stars say,” Joaquin Phoenix-like prank. Until that’s either proven correct or painfully wrong, though, we’re stuck with the news that Felton, who plays the antagonistic Draco Malfoy in the Potter flicks, wants to become a rapper. Yes, dude pictured above has microphone dreams, and not of the boy band or Justin Bieber kind. The rap gods must be crazy. Or asleep.

To be fair, though, Felton doesn't want to be the next Eminem, or even Asher Roth’s evil twin; rather, he hopes to make waves within the United Kingdom’s “grime rap” scene, popularized by the likes of Dizzee Rascal. “I’m going to change my image,” he’s been quoted as saying, by The Sun. “Backward caps, the lot.” Which, if you ask us, sounds like a National Enquirer-esque ruse, but stranger things have happened.

Since Felton’s run as Malfoy is now caput, it seems logical that his Potter-minded fans will keep tabs on his musical pursuits, and that’s for the better. If his raps are as corny as we expect, it won’t take much effort for Pot-heads to completely separate themselves from MC T-Felt, thus speeding up the no-more-Harry healing process.

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