If done responsibly, chugging away one’s problems isn’t the worst thing in the world to do—OK, it’s pretty lousy, yes. But doing so in the presence of other intoxicated demons, better known as your best pals, is called “social drinking,” not “AA fodder.” And, in the case of post-Potter depression, it could actually liven one’s mood tremendously.

You and your buds have already seen all of the Harry Potter movies while sober, right? Now it’s time to check them out with the help of Sir Jack Daniels…scratch that, the assistance of Bud (too much Jack could leave you bagging a hog with warts at the local tavern).

Invite the friends over, stuff an icy cooler full of brew, pop in any random Potter DVD and relive the franchise’s one-of-a-kind magic by taking swigs of beer every time Ron Weasley makes a goofy face, or Harry talks about Sirius Black, or Draco Malfoy does something douche-like. You might never see a new Harry Potter movie again, but this will at least put the existing ones into a whole new, distorted, beer-clogged light.

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